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Dutch WWII Caricatures of Hitler, Göring, Stalin, Rooseveld, and Churchill made of Food Stamps
Date: Unknown (Signed 1944)
PRICE: $ 1,700

A very remarkable collection of Folk Art caricatures made of Dutch ration 'food stamps.' 

First caricature portrays a fat Hermann Göring holding a ceremonial Baton. Signed 'Guust 45' (Guust is a typical mid-20th century surname). Size: W 32 cm x H 39 cm.

Second work are caricatures of Churchill, Rooseveld and Stalin. Signed 'Guust 45.' Size: W 42.5 cm x H 32 cm.

Third caricature portrays the German officer as a donkey. In the Netherlands a donkey symbolises stupidity. Signed 'Guust 44.' Size: W 31 cm x H 37 cm.
Fourth caricature of Adolf Hitler. The label reads Adolf H. Painter 1889-1945. Signed 'Guust 45.' Size: W 32 cm x H 50 cm.

All caricatures are works of art made of food stamps on cardboard in its original frames. The frames are closed on the back with pieces of newspaper from the war. I leave it to the buyer to decide about framing.

$1700 for the complete set. The works will not be sold separate.

Very rare find!

For all inquiries and shipping quotes send me an email on: zuskorsten@gmail.com