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Huge Silvered Serving Tray
Date: Unknown
PRICE: $ 1,450 
Dimensions: H 6 cm W 56 cm D 60 cm

I was wondering through the streets of Buenos Aires after visiting the beautiful and graceful Cementerio de la Recoleta when I saw this giant serving tray in the window of an Antique store. Not just any serving tray. It was custom made for an important family the lady of the store explained to me. She pointed at the family heraldic engraved in the center of the tray. It must have been a demanding family since it has been drudged a bit. Fortunately this is how I like it. I bought it and back in the hotel I was curious enough to spend a couple of hours on the Internet to find out more about the Family Arms. No success however. When I went back home to Holland I was forced to check it in. My plan was to keep it as cabin luggage. But it was far too big for that. I wrapped it in some bubble plastic and 12 hours later it jangled on the luggage band adding some more history to this fabulous piece of extravaganza. 

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