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Han Dynasty Green-Glazed Red Pottery 'Hu' Jar
Large green-glazed 'Hu' Jar of pear shape with a dish shaped top. Geometrical decoration on the neck and two moulded mask and ring handles on either side of the belly. Incredibly old and still alive.
Date: 206 B.C. - A.D. 220
PRICE: $ 2,750 (reduced price)
Dimensions: H 40 cm Dm 29 cm

From the same dealer as the stickman comes this beautiful green vase. And suddenly I was a Han Dynasty collector. Never planned on being one but just couldn't resist raising my arm to do some bidding. It was spontaneously. But when other bidders started to join I had to come up with some reason to stay in very fast. First of all it’s the right color. It has a beautiful patina. A shape I seldom see but fell in love with right away. It’s a good size. Which is BIG and last but not least it’s also about 2000 years old. Thinking of all that took enough time to scare the other bidders out of the competition. But I think I got myself, and you a very good deal. I think this vase and me deserve some nice flowers.

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