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early 20th Century Set of Four Peruvian Carved Gourds
Circa 1910
PRICE: $ 2200
Dimensions: H 20 cm Diameter 30 cm

Set of four antique carved gourds from Peru, three little ones with silver settings and decorations and a large carved gourd.
A Gourd is a crop plant in the family Cucurbitaceae, like pumpkins, cucumbers, squash, luffa, and melons.
'Gourd' refers to the fruits of plants or to their hollow, dried-out hard shell, like these four.

The miniature carvings on the little ones show a high standard craftsmanship from the early 20th century, so do the rare sterling silver animal sculptures on top and the silver setting basement of the little gourds.
The large hand-carved Calabash, or gourd, depicts the story of early village and farm life; villagers and animals, the farming of crops as well as a parade with music and a bullfight.

the big one: 30cm in diameter and 20cm high (11.8" diameter, 7.9" high)
the little one with bull on top: 7cm diameter, 10cm high (2.8" diameter, 3.9 high)
the little one with dove on top: 7cm diameter, 11,5cm high (2.8" diameter, 4.5" high)
,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, : 6cm diameter, 12,5cm high (2.4" diameter, 4.9" high)

In all four you can still hear the dried seeds inside if you shake them.

Stunning South-American pieces of Folk Art in rare museum quality and a wonderful addition to any serious collection.

I came across these carved gourds on my trip to Argentina visiting my old dutch Friend who was exhibiting in Buenos Aires. I was on my way to the vernissage when I passed a very small antique shop. These gourds were sitting in the back of the little shop hidden in an even smaller cabinet.
The owner did not speak any English or Dutch for that matter. I really liked the carving and the quality of the gourds a lot but the owner refused to let them go. He didn't know the persuasive power of Zus Korsten yet. So after a long verbal but charming fight I paid the man and took my prizes home. I kept them in a closed cabinet for a while. What makes them special are the ornaments on top and the little legs on the bottom. They are no bigger than my iPhone. I am willing to let them go for 450 dollar a piece. Without a fight.

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