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Eleven Antique Pairs of Orthopedic Wooden Shoe lasts

Date: 20th Century
PRICE: $ 2,000
Dimensions: H 11cm W 29cm D 11cm
Shipping: $150

A little strange but very decorative set of 11 pairs of shoe lasts or wooden shoe moulds.

All pairs are orthopedic remodeled to fit various abnormalities on customers feet.

As you can see these lasts come in many styles and sizes.

Though the lasts are made approximately in the shape of a human foot, the precise shape is tailored to each foot with extra pieces of leather, wood and cork. Lasts were typically made from hardwood because it retains shape, even when in contact with wet materials (like leather) and subjected to the mechanical stresses of stretching and shaping shoes on them.

These eleven pair of shoe lasts would make a great addition to a curiosity cabinet.

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