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Antique Iron Teaching Set of Measure of Capacity
Date: Early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 950
Dimensions: H 42 cm W 42 cm D 42 cm
Shipping: $ 130

Beautifully aged, slight rusty patina and still very robust. 
The white letters are hand painted on the black painted iron. These where used to teach schoolchildren the capacity of measures; Decaliter, Liter, Deciliter, Centiliter. 
The five biggest have an extra iron rim on top, but only the five and two decaliter also have an iron level bar. 
I love the color contrast with the orange-red and black. 
All together it makes it a beautiful decorative set.

In total there are nine capacity sizes:
5 decaliter DM: 42 H: 42 cm
2 decaliter DM: 31 H: 31.5 cm
1 decaliter  DM: 25 H: 25 cm
5 Liter DM: 20  H: 20.5 cm
2 Liter DM: 15 H: 14.5 cm
1 Liter DM: 11 H: 11 cm
5 D (deciliter) DM: 9 H: 9 cm
2 D.C.L.T (deciliter/centiliter) DM: 6.5 H: 7 cm
1 D.C.L.T (deciliter/centiliter) DM: 5 H: 5.5 cm

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