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1930s Leather French Continentale Bauriat Bicycle Display Seat Model

Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1,500
Dimensions: H 10cm W 15cm D 8.5cm
Shipping: $60

Very rare little (half scale) leather "Compagnie Continentale" bicycle sales display sample seat or saddle.

Probably used in a bicycle shop on the counter or as advertorial display.

Embossed leather seat with " Cie Continetale" logo.

Placed on a heavy nickel plated cast iron base in the "miniature" real way a normal scaled saddle was placed on a bike.

The tag on the back of the seat says: "Bauriat".

This company started in Paris in the 1930s called: "Compagnie Continentale des Fabricants de Sellerie Velocipedique Reunis" which would translate to something like Continental Company of United Bicycle Upholstery Manufacturers, producing saddles under the brands Bauriat, Brown, Lamplugh, l'Inextensible, Meilleure, and Terry.

Very pretty and highly collectable miniature.

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