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Art Nouveau Covered Pewter Osiris 909 Isis Egg and Chicken Dish
Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 2400
Dimensions: H 13 cm W 25 cm D 25 cm
Shipping: $50

A very rare covered German egg dish manufactured by Walter Scherf &Co in Nürnberg, under the trade name Osiris.
It is molded to fit eight little eggs. The cover or cloche features two chickens holding something in their beaks, covered with styled feathered wings. The tray or dish has typical Art Nouveau styled leave of flower decorations. 

The Osiris factory was founded in 1899 by father Friedich August Scherf
and son Walter Scherf. It was called the Metallwarenfabrik Fur Kleinkunst
Walter Scherf & co in Nürnberg. The factory was very small.
Before Walter Scherf became head of Osiris, he worked at the firm Orivit, until 1899. From 1899 until 1909 the factory produced 1300 different models.

In 1902 the firm developed a new sort more expensive pewter, the so-called “ISIS” metal. This dish is marked Osiris Isis, and has a stamped number 909 on the bottom.

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