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Taxidermy Victorian Style Green-Winged Macaw on an Antique Pedestal
Date: contemporary
Dimensions: H 181 cm W 90 cm D 60 cm
Shipping: $500

Look at this beautiful bird, its colours are unbelievable and impressive.
Perfect pose; its wings fully spread, scratching or rearranging its feathers. 

The green-winged macaw (also known as the red and green macaw) is a large, mostly red macaw of the Ara sort. This is the largest Ara, widespread in the forests and woodlands of northern and central South America. 

This bird is not been taken from the wild, it died of natural causes, therefore it will be delivered with all necessary legal paperwork. 

Note: Due to wildlife regulations it is only possible to ship this Ara within Europe.

For all inquiries and shipping quotes send me an email on: zuskorsten@gmail.com