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1930s Jointed Betty Boop Fleischer Doll

Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1,500
Dimensions: H 32cm W 10cm D 10cm
Shipping: $80

Jointed wooden Betty Boop doll by Fleischer in a green dress.

This is one of the first Betty Boop dolls that were created in the 1930s and debuted in 1931. Only 1000 of these wooden-jointed dolls were made. You could buy them in black, red and green outfits

Betty Boop is a cartoon character originally created as a plump anthropomorphic French poodle, she first appeared on screen in 1931. Her face was caricatural modeled after the famous singer Helen Kane. The nameless character was only meant to have made a one-shot appearance, but the public loved the character so Paramount & the Fleischer Studios continued to develop the character. After the release of the 1930s 'Barnacle Bill', Betty had became slimmer and her design was tweaked a little.

In 1935, a comic strip was started. The Betty Boop cartoons ended by 1938.

She is still an icon and THE symbol of flappers of the Depression era and the Jazz Age.

Betty has a composition head, wood segmented body, black curly molded painted hair, side glancing to the top of her eyes, jointed, dressed in a green molded on dress, with green painted high heel shoes.

Betty Boop Des. & Copyright By Fleischer Studios. 

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