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Vintage Wood Cargo Toy Airplane Community Playthings Robertsbridge Sussex

Date: c1970
PRICE: $ 750
Dimensions: H 26cm W 72cm D 80cm
Shipping: $300

This is a hard-to-find-in-this-condition vintage 1970's wood cargo airplane made by Community Playthings of Robertsbridge, Sussex.

This airplane has a full 29" wingspan and is made of solid wood. A small child can ride on it.

The finish is remarkably solid.

This will make a great addition to any Community or airplane collection.

a little community playthings history:

The Bruderhof was founded in Germany in 1920 by Eberhard Arnold, a philosophy student and intellectual inspired by the German Youth Movement and his wife Emmy, née von Hollander. In 1920 the young family with five children rented a house in Sannerz, Germany and founded a Christian community.

In 1947, Macedonia, a small cooperative community in rural Georgia started to supply the nursery school movement with play equipment made from their 600 acres of woodland. A teacher from Caroline Pratt’s City and Country School in Manhattan introduced Pratt’s modular Unit Block design.

Meanwhile the Bruderhof community movement (the Bruderhof emigrated to Paraguay during WOII) was coming out of the backwoods of Paraguay where they had homesteaded as World War II refugees. In 1954 they founded Woodcrest in Rifton, NY, the first Bruderhof in the United States. When Macedonia joined, Community Playthingswas born.

In 1971, the Bruderhof also purchased a property in Robertsbridge, East Sussex in the United Kingdom and they started making play equipment there as well.


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