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19th Century Carnival Folk Art Carved Wooden Head with Zinc Hat

Date: late 19th Century
PRICE: $ 2,500
Dimensions: H 27cm W 14cm D 22cm
Shipping: $80

This head is from a fair or carnival game.
Not sure what the game was, perhaps the head has been used to toss rings over, or maybe you were supposed to throw something in his mouth. His hat does not come off, so it probably was not a Charlie's hat game, in which case the hat should have been able to get knocked of for you to win the hat.

The little holes in the bottom suggest it originally was mounted on something, rather than hanging on the eye/hook that is now in the back of his head. The head is hand carved from two blocks of wood glued together in the same manner that most fair carousel animals were carved back in the 19th century.

This particular head is painted brown with bright red lips.

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