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Rare Sized Victorian Wired Glass Beaded Flower Arch
Date: late 19th Century
Dimensions: H 167 cm W 77 cm D 14 cm
Shipping: $ 250

This French flower arch is quite rare in its size, it is 167cm (65.75 inch) high. 
The 23 large purple or pinkish flowers are completely three dimensional. They have little stems and leaves. Leaves and flowers come together on an iron wired stem. The stems are wrapped in cotton thread and the complete construction is mounted on a 1cm thick iron.

French beaded flowers found their beginnings from European peasant Folk Art. Eventually beaded flowers found their way to England and were very popular in the Victorian era. 
This kind of arches were used for decoration in the garden or in flowerpots, seen the condition of this arch it's never been used outside.

Throughout history this beading technique has been popular for wreaths, garlands or used in vases to adorn the home. But this lovely piece is also very decorative on its own.

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