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1950s Large Anatomical Classroom Model of a Flying May Bug

Date: 20th Century
PRICE: $ 3,800
Dimensions: H 37cm W 25cm D 60cm
Shipping: $400

Large anatomical model of a Cockchafer also known as May bug or doodlebug, this is a European beetle of the genus Melolontha in the Scarabaeidae family. Displayed on its original base, with hand painted parts.
Impressive size model, used as teaching material at school, these classroom models are very fragile, most did not survive.

Made of some super-light hollow 'early plastic' hand painted parts, rubber lungs and intestines, with silk painted wings and little metal 'hairs' on its legs. The beetle is placed on a wooden and metal base.

When all parts are 'opened' its size is even more impressive: 110cm wide, 69cm high and 60cm long.

(in inches: 43.3" wide, 27.2" high, 23.6" long)

Very nice collector's item.

some wear and tear on a wing tip and misses a little antenna in the mouth area

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