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Pair of Baroque 18th Century Solomonic Gilt Columns with Corinthian Capitals

Date: 18th Century
PRICE: $ 28,000
Dimensions: H 187cm W 35cm D 35cm
Shipping: $1000

Exceptional pair of hand-carved gilt swirled Solomonic columns.
With carved plastered polychromed and gilt relief decorations of three dimensional clusters of hanging grapes, grapevines and birds. Finished with Corinthian capitals on top. 

These columns where probably attached to a door, a gate or an archway originally. Like most of these columns where. There are slits on the back side where attachment used to be. 
The slits are 4-5cm (1.6-1.9inch) wide, 132cm (52inch) long/high and 8cm (3.1inch) deep

They used to be part of a noble Dutch Castle's interior; Kasteel Moersbergen, Doorn, Netherlands
The wooden base is of later date.

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