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Early 20th Century German Stein Beer Jugs, Guglhupf and Römertopf
Date: early 20th Century
PRICE: $ 1000
Dimensions: H 36cm W 27cm D 44cm
Shipping: $150

Lovely set of five antique German Earthenware kitchen objects.

You see two large beer bottles or jugs.
Two Gugelhupf moulds (or Kouglof) for baking cake. Both moulds are visibly mended in a very decorative way.
And a real old fashioned Römertopf to cook meat in for hours, to get tender.

Back in the old days in Germany when you ordered Beer in a bar (Kneipe or Wirtshaus), you got it tapped directly in a clay or earthenware bottle. On the bottle was the name of the Innkeeper (Gastwirt) so you would know to which bar you had to return your bottle to. In this case it says F.Kahlbaum on the smaller one, the bigger one has a stopper that says 'Münster Brauer Bier'

The cake moulds are very pretty. They probably broke while they where used, because people couldn't afford to buy new ones they mended the forms by wrapping this lovely iron work around it. It does the trick and they could be used again for baking cakes. And it looks great don't you think.

The Römertopf is in perfect condition, it can be used it straight away. The bottom part of these pots where not glazed. There's a reason; you can soak the topf in water, the unglazed part will stay wet with soaked water, so it won't break being in an oven for hours when cooking meat. Also the Topf will become a sort of 'steam oven' this way.

I found this wonderful antique artefacts in Postdam on one of my trips to Germany.

The biggest bottle measures: 36cm (14.1inch) high and 20cm (7.9inch) in diameter. 
The smallest bottle: 33cm (12.3inch) high and 16cm (6.3inch) in diameter.

The biggest Gulhupf measures: 13cm (5.1 inch) high and 27.5cm (10.9inch) diameter
The smallest:11cm (4.3) high and 23cm (9.1) diameter

The Römertopf measures: 44 x 24 x 20cm 17.3 x 9.5 x 7.9 inches

Similar 'Stein' objects can be found in the Museum 'Museumshaus Im Güldenen Arm' in Postdam.

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