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Gold Glazed Patrick Villas for Royal Boch Ceramic Panther Sculpture Big Cat III
21st century
PRICE: $ 1,300 (reduced price)
Dimensions: H 48 cm W 37 cm D 23 cm

It's a bit abstract but it is a panther indeed. And pretty bright, shiny, and gold too, it looks like it's straight from a James Bond film set from the 60’s or 70’s. This huge porcelain sculpture is made by Patrick Villas for Royal Boch but that's not were I found it. I ran into it on an antique auction. Not sure why it was there since it is definitely not antique.
It's in mint condition though. No cracks or nothing. So, I kept raising my arm till I got the statue and a lame arm. But no regrets. It’s a must have.

 This is one of three models out of the series 'big cats' made for the faience factory Royal Boch in a limited golden edition of 300 pieces.  
Patrick Villas is a sculptor, working in bronze, mixed media or paper. His art consists of human and animal sculptures, portraits and drawings or painting.
Just like his illustrious predecessor Rembrandt Bugatti, he creates a lot of his works in the Antwerp zoo. His bronzes are cast by Art Casting Belgium. The city of Cologny has a life size Tiger monument of Villas. 
His subjects are often big cats like the panther, leopard, cheetah, tiger or jaguar or domestic animals like the cat, dog or horse. 



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