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Collection of Six Large 1970s Green Glass Italian Chianti Bottles

Date: 1960s 1970s 1980s
PRICE: $ 2,950
Dimensions: H 116cm Diameter 20cm
Shipping: $400

Very pretty collection of 6 vintage very large green glass Italian empty Chianti wine bottles. All emptied a long time ago and now very pretty to look at.
Each of them held 3000ml of Italian wine.

In the shape of a woman carrying a bottle on her head, Monticello Chianti 1970, 80cm high, ø 19cm (31.5"x 7.5")
In the shape of a large riffle, Borghini Chianti 1979, the longest bottle; 116cm x 20cm x 10cm (45.7"x7.9"x3.9")
Bubble shaped, Michelangelo Chianti 1976, 80cm high, ø 14cm (31.5"x 5.5")
Swirl shaped, Poggiovini Chianti 1988, 80cm high, ø 15cm (31.5"x5.9")
Rare, unicorn shaped with a goatee and Horn, Borghini Chianti 1960, 70cm high, ø 16m (27.6"x 6.3")
Architectonical tower shape, Cevin Chianti 1970, 112cm high, ø 20cm (44.1"x 7.8")

Very decorative and highly collectable collection of vintage glass, you can see why.

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